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Basic Database Operations

There are a few ways to get started with ByConity. You have the choice to deploy ByConity through package deployment, using docker wrapper or deploy ByConity in Kubernetes. To get started quickly, we recommend that you use the ByConity Playground with docker-compose/the docker wrapper.

The playground only requires a few dependencies:

  • Colima (Docker runtime)
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose

After you've downloaded all of the dependencies, get your cluster up and running, follow the tutorial below, and give ByConity a quick spin!

Getting Started Tutorial

Connect to the database

./clickhouse-client -m -h HOST --port PORT

Create database and table


CREATE TABLE helloworld.my_first_table
user_id UInt32,
message String,
timestamp DateTime
ENGINE = CnchMergeTree()
PARTITION BY timestamp
ORDER BY (user_id, timestamp);

Insert and query

INSERT INTO helloworld.my_first_table (user_id, message, timestamp) VALUES
(101, 'Hello, ByConity!', now()),
(102, 'Insert a lot of rows per batch', yesterday()),
(102, 'Sort your data based on your commonly-used queries', today()),
(101, 'Granules are the smallest chunks of data read', now() + 5);

SELECT * FROM helloworld.my_first_table;

SELECT * FROM helloworld.my_first_table ORDER BY timestamp;

SELECT * FROM helloworld.my_first_table ORDER BY timestamp FORMAT JSON;


Insert file

Suppose we have a file data.csv

102,This is data in a file,2022-02-22 10:43:28
101,It is comma-separated,2022-02-23 00:00:00
103,Use FORMAT to specify the format,2022-02-21 10:43:30

./clickhouse-client -h {HOST} --port {PORT} --query='INSERT INTO helloworld.my_first_table FORMAT CSV' < data.csv

./clickhouse-client -h {HOST} --port {PORT} --query='SELECT * FROM helloworld.my_first_table'

view VW status

SELECT * FROM system.worker_groups

Query id: f60481b4-b9a7-494d-a639-ac7be3aa5292

Row 1:
id: wg_default
type: Physical
vw_uuid: 1a415df1-6265-40b3-9c00-230fc3b026c1
vw_name: vw_default
active_workers: 1
min_cpu_usage: 9
max_cpu_usage: 9
avg_cpu_usage: 9
min_mem_usage: 8
max_mem_usage: 8
avg_mem_usage: 8
is_auto_linked: 0

FROM system.workers

Query id: f2377b52-38eb-4437-9813-d34f9dd28049

Row 1:
worker_id: w1
host: {HOST}
tcp_port: {TCP_PORT}
rpc_port: {RPC_PORT}
http_port: {HTTP_PORT}
exchange_port: {EXCHANGE_PORT}
exchange_status_port: {EXCHANGE_STATUS_PORT}
vw_name: vw_default
worker_group_id: wg_default
query_num: 0
cpu_usage: {xxx}
reserved_cpu_cores: 0
memory_usage: {xxx}
disk_space: {xxx}
memory_available: {xxx}
reserved_memory_bytes: 0
register_time: 2022-11-30 18:19:49
last_update_time: 2022-11-30 18:21:09
state: 1

view history query

SELECT * FROM system.query_log;