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Version: 0.4.x

Deployment Requirements

Software Requirements

ByConity can run on most mainstream commercial servers. We recommend that the deployment of ByConity follows the following requirements:

  • Linux operating system requirements: Kernel version 4.14 and above, Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS and above, Centos 8 and above
  • Software dependencies are included in the lib, no additional software dependencies are required

Hardware Requirements

Users need to deploy and purchase their own Kubernetes clusters, and the minimum hardware configuration required without affecting test performance is as follows:

Component NameCPUMemoryHard DiskNetworkInstance Count
TSO1300M5GGigabit NIC1
Server832G100GGigabit NIC1
Worker416G100G+Gigabit NIC2 (r+w)
DaemonManager1500M5GGigabit NIC1
ResourceManager12G5GGigabit NIC1

Note: It is recommended to configure 1 read Worker and 1 write Worker for Worker.

Meanwhile, we also provide a recommended hardware configuration for production environments for reference:

Component NameCPUMemoryHard DiskNetworkInstance Count
TSO2500M5G10 Gigabit NIC3
Server1460G1T10 Gigabit NIC>=1
Worker30240G2T+10 Gigabit NIC>=2
DaemonManager410G10G10 Gigabit NIC1
ResourceManager816G10G10 Gigabit NIC1

Note: In the hardware specifications, the local disks of Worker and Server are mainly used to store temporary data and log files during writing. At the same time, the local disks of Worker will also store data Cache. Therefore, the size of the disk needs to be determined based on the configured DiskCache size and the amount of data written.