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Cloud native big data analysis engine
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What is ByConity?

ByConity is a distributed cloud-native SQL data warehouse engine, that excels in interactive queries and Ad-Hoc queries, featuring support for querying multiple tables, cluster expansion without sensation, and unified aggregation of offline batch data and real-time data streams.

Key Features

High Performance, Low Cost

Support sub-second query response capability under massive data scale through vectorized execution engine, columnar storage and CBO+RBO optimizer. At the same time, the ultra-high compression ratio helps users save a lot of storage space and reduce disk costs.

Unified Support for Multiple Scenarios

Supports real-time data streaming and offline batch data writing with interactive things capability and multi-table associative query capability, which can meet the interactive query needs of online systems as well as backend real-time monitoring, report big screen, etc.


Compatible with most ClickHouse interfaces and tools, supports Kafka, Spark, Flink and many other data imports, also supports Superset, Tableau and other data visualization tools.